Top reasons you’ll succeed in the “real world”

There’s no magic formula for success. But there are common threads shared by every successful person. Replicate these same patterns when you can, because these are the reasons that you’ll build the life you want.


You have the support you need

You have a group of friends, family members, or both in your corner. That doesn’t mean that they support every decision, or that you can expect a life free of criticism. It means that when the going gets tough, someone is there to listen to you vent, go for coffee, or offer a couch to crash on. Keep those people close and make sure they know they’re important to you, because all successful people have a tight-knit network to lean on.

You work hard

Every. Single. Time. You pick yourself up when things go poorly and you try again. You study, you show up, you commit. Yeah, this is the stuff you’ve heard since you were a kid, and there’s a reason – it works. All successful people work hard – even the smartest, luckiest among us have to put in a day’s work if they want to get ahead.

You hit the books

Sure, there are success stories about college dropouts who make billions. But those people become legends precisely because they are uncommon. Most success stories start with solid academics and coursework designed to support career advancement. There are successful people all over this country with high school equivalency degrees. There are more of them with college degrees.

You choose your path wisely

Your first job matters. If it stinks, okay. You’ll move on to something better. But if you’re equipped to land a great first job and are able to turn that into a platform for job growth, you’re already winning this race. Make sure to use every resource at your disposal to land a good first position out of college, and you’ll reap the rewards later.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Trod the path worn by successful people before you – these are the reasons you’ll succeed.

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