Best places and times to post open positions at your company [Employers]

Finding the best employee for the job is equal parts science and magic. It takes a little luck to land a top-notch worker, so do yourself a favor and make sure you’ve got your logistical bases covered to give yourself the best possible options.

job search concept

1. Broadcast the opportunity across all channels

One of the biggest mistakes employers make is relying on a single source to publish an open position. The web offers expansive, infinite opportunities to advertise, so take advantage. Check out Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. Craigslist is free, so although you should expect lots of junk responses that will take time and energy to sort through, it’s still an excellent resource.

2. Targeting college students and new grads

If you’re hiring an intern or an entry-level employee, will give you access to tons of college student and recent grads looking for opportunities in RI. Make sure to contact the career services offices of nearby colleges and universities. They will happily add your opportunity to their list of local hiring needs for new grads.

3. Timing is everything

If you can afford to wait, it may be wise to align your hiring timeline with the end of the Spring semester in order to target graduating seniors or underclassmen looking for summer opportunities. The spring works too, but a position posted in the fall or winter will often go largely unnoticed by students. If you do post a position in the “off” season, it may be worth holding out for better candidates later in the year if you find that you’re having trouble finding qualified applicants. Sometimes, timing is everything and we have learned that from personal experience!

Hire smart, and you’ll hire far less frequently! Give candidates every opportunity to learn about your hiring needs by providing an expansive search that taps into the markets that will serve you best.


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