How to Pitch an Idea to your Boss as an Intern

Presenting a new idea to the boss may seem daunting to even the most seasoned employee; much more for interns. An intern may be expected to hide in the shadows and do as told while on an assignment. Although you may be asked to do some busy work, you are worth more than you may know to your host company. If you feel as though you have an idea that can benefit the company, share it! Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and let your knowledge shine through. Here are some tips on how to pitch an idea to your boss as an intern.


In order to make others believe in what you have to offer, you must first believe in your idea yourself. In order to ensure that it is fool proof, do your homework. A hair-brained scheme of an idea will quickly be tossed out along with your credibility so research as much as you can. Start by asking yourself questions that your boss may want to know straight from the horse’s mouth. Have answers to the who, what, when, where, and how on hand without hesitation. How will this idea benefit the company as a whole? What are the short term and long term benefits? Be sure that your idea is original and hasn’t been tested and failed in the past. The more you know about how to execute your plan into action, the better the presentation will be to your boss.

Pitch with Precision

businessman throwing arrows into the target flying

It is imperative to present your idea in the best way possible. Time is of the essence so choose a time that your boss will be more receptive to sit down and talk with you. When your boss is swamped with a huge workload or preparing for a big meeting, chances are that the odds aren’t in your favor to pitch your new idea. Find out the best way to present your idea to your boss as well. Would she like to have a face to face meeting or would she prefer an informative power point presentation through email? Ask around or ask your boss directly for the best time and format to pitch your idea. If you want your idea to be heard, it is up to you to be perceptive enough to know when and how to make it happen.

Be Interactive

As an intern, your primary goal is to soak up as much knowledge as you can. Although you may have a lot to offer, the fact still remains that your boss has more experience in the field. Instead of pitching your idea in the form of an endless lecture, leave room for your boss to leave feedback. Make your idea a collaborative effort to help get others on board. Even though the idea started with you, it doesn’t have to end there. You may become amazed at how much your boss and colleagues can add to your pitch. Even if your idea is thrown out in the end, you may learn a lot during the process.

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