How to market yourself to employers with a personal website

When you are in the midst of a serious job search, people are always telling you to market yourself. What exactly does that mean? Marketing yourself simply means to put yourself in a good light to a targeted audience. Internship hunting means that your audience is potential employers. When your resume and social networking profiles don’t seem to be getting the job done, consider setting up a personal website. Although a personal website may sound like a stretch, it may do just the trick to take your career to the next level. Here are a few ways you can market yourself through your personal website.

You Choose How You Are Presented

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The cookie cutter style of most resumes make it a little difficult to truly convey a sense of self. Your own personal website allows much more freedom for self expression than a one page document. The website can display anything from blogs, pictures, and even projects you are working on. A biography, experience and a portfolio are also good items to have up for all to see. Your resume can also be displayed on the site. With all of these avenues available, the possibilities to show how awesome you are to potential employers are endless. Your personal website helps you build a brand that cannot transcend through a resume alone.

Hiring Managers Search Names Before the Interview (So Use Yours)

Technology has turned the recruiting process into a new direction. Chances are your interviewer has done a little investigating before the organic meeting. When they type your name into the search engine, your personal website will be there waiting for them so be sure to use your name as the domain. You can also include links to your social media sites on your personal website if hiring managers can’t get enough of you! Be sure that all of your material is clean and presentable for employers to view.

Don’t Limit Yourself

You can use your personal website for more than hosting potential employers. Expand your horizons and be open. Set up a line of contact for those who are in the same industry to forge some new business relationships. The bigger your network, the more chances you have to gain more opportunities; whether it’s actual work or learning more about your field. Your website may spark an interest in a potential mentor to reach out to take you on. Even if you feel as though you know the ends and outs of everything you do, you can always learn something new.

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How to Pitch an Idea to your Boss as an Intern

Presenting a new idea to the boss may seem daunting to even the most seasoned employee; much more for interns. An intern may be expected to hide in the shadows and do as told while on an assignment. Although you may be asked to do some busy work, you are worth more than you may know to your host company. If you feel as though you have an idea that can benefit the company, share it! Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and let your knowledge shine through. Here are some tips on how to pitch an idea to your boss as an intern.


In order to make others believe in what you have to offer, you must first believe in your idea yourself. In order to ensure that it is fool proof, do your homework. A hair-brained scheme of an idea will quickly be tossed out along with your credibility so research as much as you can. Start by asking yourself questions that your boss may want to know straight from the horse’s mouth. Have answers to the who, what, when, where, and how on hand without hesitation. How will this idea benefit the company as a whole? What are the short term and long term benefits? Be sure that your idea is original and hasn’t been tested and failed in the past. The more you know about how to execute your plan into action, the better the presentation will be to your boss.

Pitch with Precision

businessman throwing arrows into the target flying

It is imperative to present your idea in the best way possible. Time is of the essence so choose a time that your boss will be more receptive to sit down and talk with you. When your boss is swamped with a huge workload or preparing for a big meeting, chances are that the odds aren’t in your favor to pitch your new idea. Find out the best way to present your idea to your boss as well. Would she like to have a face to face meeting or would she prefer an informative power point presentation through email? Ask around or ask your boss directly for the best time and format to pitch your idea. If you want your idea to be heard, it is up to you to be perceptive enough to know when and how to make it happen.

Be Interactive

As an intern, your primary goal is to soak up as much knowledge as you can. Although you may have a lot to offer, the fact still remains that your boss has more experience in the field. Instead of pitching your idea in the form of an endless lecture, leave room for your boss to leave feedback. Make your idea a collaborative effort to help get others on board. Even though the idea started with you, it doesn’t have to end there. You may become amazed at how much your boss and colleagues can add to your pitch. Even if your idea is thrown out in the end, you may learn a lot during the process.

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Top 10 Internship Interview Mistakes

The most exciting and terrifying moment of your career can be the call back for an interview. Interviews of any nature can seem nerve wracking; especially when it’s for an internship. Acing your internship interview is a crucial component on the road to success. In order to feel confident during your interview, you need to know what mistakes to avoid. Here are the top ten internship interview mistakes to watch out for.

Big Fail: You are Unprepared

  1. Tardiness. Being late for your interview is an absolute no no. There are many factors that contribute to tardiness the day of the interview: traffic, getting lost, or oversleeping. Leave plenty of time for the commute to the interview in order to ensure that you are early. Do test runs to the destination days in advance of the interview date. Go to bed early so that you will get enough sleep.
  2. You don’t know enough about the company. As soon as you receive the call for the interview, you should start researching the company. The more knowledge you have, the more conversation you can offer during the interview. Go over some questions that you think the interviewer will ask about the company during the interview. “Why do you want to work for us” is a typical question that may be asked during your internship interview.
  3. You’re too nervous. Sometimes the daunting nature of the interview process can be a deterrent to showing true personality. Take whatever steps you need in advance to ensure that you won’t be too nervous during your internship interview. A full night of sleep, a balanced breakfast, and a deep breathing exercise are great ways to help you shake the nerves and have an awesome interview.

Big Fail: Your Body Language Gives All the Wrong Signals


  1. Failing to make eye contact. Eye contact is an important factor in communication of any kind. It shows that you are engaged in the conversation. Keep in mind that too much eye contact can come off as hostile or domineering. Feel out your interviewer from the start to determine what amount of eye contact is appropriate.
  2. Bad posture. If you have bad posture, now is the time to fix it. Poor posture makes you look insecure, uninterested, and stressed.
  3. Fidgeting. Try to look as poised as you can and keep your hands neatly folded in between hand gestures. Just avoid looking too much like a statue.
  4. Weak handshake. A good, firm handshake can exude confidence and establish a good first impression. A handshake that is too firm can convey an egotistical personality .
  5. No smile. Lacking humor during your interview will make you come off as cold. Remember to warm things up with an occasional smile during your interview.

Big Fail: You have Improper Etiquette

  1. Turn off your cell phone. Although it may seem awkward to be without contact with the free world for an hour, it’s imperative that you turn off your cell phone during your interview. A blaring ringtone going off is the last thing you want to happen in your interview. Even a dull vibration can be disruptive.
  2. Wearing the wrong interview outfit can speak volumes. Be sure that you choose something respectful and appropriate during your internship interview, taking into account the type of place you are visiting. For women, garments that are too tight or have a plunging neckline shouldn’t be worn. Men should be sure that trousers and suits fit correctly and aren’t too big or too small. Your interviewer is more concerned about your ability to be an effective intern, not how fashionable you are (unless, of course, you are interviewing at a fashion company!) so keep it simple and appropriately professional.

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15 Ways To Avoid Internship Burnout

When you are a productive worker, feelings of accomplishment can bring serious satisfaction. Meeting all the deadlines, introducing new ideas, and mastering the craft can make you feel like you are at the top of your game as an intern. Keeping up with your classes, family, and social life can be a huge endeavor that keeps you just as busy as your internship. In order to keep things in perspective, you have to be practical about your ever growing list of demands so that you don’t have one big crash. Here are fifteen ways for you to avoid internship burnout.

internship burnout

1) Get Sleep! This age old rule reigns supreme when it comes to preventing burn out. Make it a priority to get the proper amount of sleep each and every night. Plan your schedule accordingly to leave room for seven to eight hours of sleep per night.

2) Say No. Just because someone asks you to do something doesn’t mean your are obligated to do it. If the activity will put you over the edge of your limits, say no. You aren’t a bad friend if you do. You just want to be sure that you can handle the demands of your already busy lifestyle.

3) Eat Right. In college, it’s rather convenient to live on Ramen noodles and pizza every day. Although a little indulgence is okay some of the time, it shouldn’t become a lifestyle. Put some effort into preparing healthy meals and snacks to eat for the week.

4) No All-Nighters. Staying up all night is the wrong way to prepare for a final exam! At the beginning of a semester, you should already know when exams will be so plan accordingly. Split up study hours over time to help you keep your sleep schedule in tact and retain more information.

5) Get Active. Even if you aren’t the athletic type of person, make it a priority to get some form of exercise in everyday, even just a walk. Staying active is good for the mind and body.

6) Stay Organized. Whether you use a planner or an app on your smartphone, find a way to keep track of all of the upcoming events in your life.

7) Give Back. Volunteering is a great way to make you feel useful and switch things up to prevent burnout.

8) Be Spontaneous. When you give it all you’ve got all week between your internship, school, and everything in between, use a weekend that you’re free to let loose. Whether it be a road trip or a 5k, being spontaneous is always a great outlet.

9) Use Time Wisely. If you have been given sick days and vacation days at your internship, use them wisely! If you have to go to work sick because you blew your sick days on something else, you will quickly burn out!

10) Get Advice. Seek help from those who are older and wiser for tips and tricks on how to juggle life in the college years.

11) Work Smart. While you are at work at your internship, keep a steady pace of productivity versus non-stop madness.

12) Help Others. If you need a break from the monotony of your desk, take a moment to help someone else if it’s okay with your superior.

13) Breathe Deep. If you ever get frazzled, simply take a step back and practice some deep breathing exercises.

14) Drink Up. Be sure that you are up on your water intake everyday (aim for eight 8oz glasses of water every day).

15) Reward Yourself. Whenever you reach goals, reward yourself generously (but that doesn’t mean overspend – be smart with your money!).

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How to Excel at the Internship as an Introvert

Starting a new internship can feel like a lot of pressure when you are an introvert. Establishing a business network, reporting to your superiors, and dealing with the constant interactions of the job can be exhausting. There is a lot of emphasis on being outgoing and outspoken in order to do well on your internship. The only problem is that there are a lot of people who aren’t naturally extroverted. Actions that are forced or contrived won’t be genuine. If you are an introvert and are worried that the success of your internship may be in jeopardy, worry no more. Here are a few ways for you to excel at your internship as an introvert.

Focus on Your Strong Suits

Introverts tend to be good listeners, writers, and researchers. Use your strong suits to your advantage by being the best on the team. Whenever something needs to be researched or written, put your absolute best foot forward for the task, even if you weren’t asked. Show your superior your talents so that you can be considered for future opportunities. Whenever you are given instructions, take notes so that you won’t have to keep asking for direction. Your boss will note how well you listen.

Think Things Through

Introverts typically need time to process information before they can give a well thought out answer or solution. Let others know that you will get back to them or need more time to think about the situation before you can give your input on a project. The pressure to think on your feet may be too much for the average introvert. Although it may be tempting to spew out answers before you’ve thought them through, don’t. You want to be your best during your internship so make sure all that you contribute is a valuable asset.

Take Time to Regroup

Don’t burn yourself out with too much human interaction. If you are easily drained from long periods of shared space, take some time to yourself. Lunchtime is a great time to go inside yourself and recharge for a little while. Take advantage of other breaks you have been given to take a short walk or think quietly at your desk. Taking this time out can help you to perform better at your job and not get too frazzled at work.

Things To Keep in Mind

  • Be warm and inviting with an occasion smile. Introverts lonely nature can appear cold and stand-offish.
  • Cooperate in team settings. Someone may get the wrong impression if you don’t contribute in a team setting.
  • Be attentive. Whenever you converse with your colleagues, be responsive and look alive. As an introvert who expresses thoughts internally, it may come off as unresponsive.
  • Have fun. Introverts are prone to over think the situation and draw up their own conclusions. Stay level headed, focused, and have a little fun during your internship.

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