Students: Fight boredom as an intern

There may be times during your internship when you feel like the work will never end. Other times you may get bored out of your mind. As with any job, there may be times that all the deadlines are met, the big project has just been completed, and there is no more return mail to sort. This may leave some free time that will eventually lead to boredom. It’s best to make the most of your time on your internship and be as productive as possible. Never let boredom be a recurring fixture of your day as an intern. Here are some ways to fight boredom as an intern.

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Ask For More Work

There may be any given reason why your supervisor hasn’t checked to see how you’re working so take the initiative and ask for something to do. It is much better to step up to the plate than to be found doing absolutely nothing (or playing on Instagram!). Send an email or ask your supervisor personally for something else to get to working on.

Help Others

If your supervisor doesn’t have any work available at the moment, ask around the department to see if someone is in need of your help. Branching out will show that you genuinely want to keep busy and aren’t afraid of something new. The employees will be grateful for your assistance and your supervisor will note your diligence.

Learn All You Can

Take some time to really get all the information that you can about the company. Research all you can about the industry you are in. Catch up on the latest trends and jargon. Impress your mentor with the knowledge that you possess. The more that you know, the more you can contribute to the company; even as an intern.

Create Your Own Assignment

After you have done your homework on the company, come up with your own assignment when there is nothing else to do. Come up with suggestions on how to improve workflow. Write an article for the company blog and submit it to your supervisor. You may be pleasantly surprised to see it published a short while later.

Be the Errand Runner

There is nothing better than getting up and out when you are bored. Ask your supervisor if there are any work errands that need to be run, like picking up a package at the post office or dropping off a proof or file to a client. Taking a short drive or walk will get you a breath of fresh air while saving others time. It may not be glamorous, but it will fight your boredom at least for the moment. Just make sure this doesn’t become your primary job – your should be learning as an intern first and foremost.

Tour the Facility

Take a look at all of the facility that you work at to get a better sense of how everything works. This will give you an opportunity to stretch your legs and possibly meet members of the team that you haven’t met. Be sure that it is okay with your supervisor. Don’t try to wiggle your way into restricted areas!

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Employers: How to keep your interns busy

Taking on interns is a big endeavor. You must recruit, train and maintain good work flow for the duration of the program. It may seem a little difficult to find a healthy balance between overworking your intern and letting them goof off entirely. The most important aspect of the internship is learning so it is imperative to have a strong program in place before any intern ever sets foot into your company. Here are some ways that you can keep your interns engaged and busy during their internship.

Routine Performance Reviews

Keeping an eye on your intern’s progress is a great way to keep them motivated and working. When you set up your internship program, be sure to include performance reviews. Set goals and dates to which they are to be completed. Have a mentor in place for your intern to have someone to turn to for help. Reporting directly to someone in a higher position for help may seem daunting to an intern but having a mentor as a guide can help the intern ace the reviews. Although a review may sound like a bad thing to a full-time employee, it is really in place to keep your interns on task and learning.

Keep your Interns Busy

Be Specific in the Job Description

A clearly defined job description is indispensable when it comes to any position; especially internships. Students with little to no experience on the job will need a lot of direction to complete tasks and stay productive. Determining daily tasks on a whim is a recipe for disaster. The work may not fit the skill set of the intern, leaving them to feel incapable and confused. You will need to put thought into the exact projects that your interns will be assigned. Dispersing work that is too difficult or too easy will cause your interns to lose interest very quickly. A detailed job description will help you to find the right candidates that will have a clear understanding of what will be required of them.

Outline Activity

A detailed outline of work to be performed for the duration of the internship should be devised from the start. A good rule of thumb is to have three tiers of work; the initial project, final project, and filler work. The initial project can be assigned at the end of orientation. Assign a mentor to aid the interns during this time so they can learn the ropes and get comfortable with the organization. The final project will be something to build up to for the end of internship. The project should have a decent level of difficulty to challenge the intern. Lastly, filler work should be assigned to keep the intern busy in between working on projects, but make sure it is related to the work at hand.

Be Sure the Time is Right

Ask yourself if the time is right to hire interns before you begin the process. Is there enough workflow specifically designed for interns? Does the organization have a big event or project that interns can work on to feel like a valued part of the team? If there is no need for interns at that time, there will be big holes in the productivity of your interns.

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7 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Resume

Your resume is the window into the heart of who you are and what you have to offer in the workforce. This one document can play a major role in whether or not you are able to land an internship. It is of the utmost importance to spend quality time perfecting your resume. You know how awesome you are and you need to convey that in your resume to potential employers. Don’t know where to begin? Here are seven mistakes to avoid on your resume.


Cookie Cutter

Having one resume that you send to all employers is a no no. Although some aspects of your resume will remain the same, it is crucial that you tailor each resume for each position. Employers can spot a one size fits all resume a mile away. This monotony may lead them to toss your resume in the trash. Include the reason why and how you will be perfect for each opening.

No Specifics 

All too often job seekers will write resumes that leave too much to the imagination. A potential employer needs to know the specifics of your previous experience to set you apart from the rest. Give as many details that highlight the good aspects of your past as you can. Give specific sales amounts, volumes, and details of the improvement that you played a part in.  Phrases like ” worked with kids” or “handled cash” don’t paint a clear enough picture in the employers mind.

Spelling and Grammar Errors

The biggest mistake that many job seekers make are typos. With the invention of spell check, there is no excuse for these errors on your resume. Show the employer how much you care by submitting a perfect resume, every time.

Concealing Accomplishments

It is easy to fall into the rhythm of putting down a list of duties on your resume. However, potential employers are far more interested in how well you have worked in the past versus what your duties entailed. Use action verbs to describe the previous work you’ve done. State any and every form of praise and awards that you have received. Don’t be shy on your resume; it’s the one place where it’s okay to brag.

Much Ado About Nothing

Borders, colors, and superfluous fonts are not the way to go when you put together your resume. Unless you are submitting a resume to graphic design firm who requested such an array, keep things to a minimum. Use a simple format that is easy on the eyes and easily understood. It also a good idea to keep your resume one page long; aside from a cover page and reference letters.

Edit Edit Edit

Once you have completed your resume, the work is not over yet. Take time to edit everything you’ve written down to the punctuation. Simple mistakes like the wrong contact information could leave you without an internship.

A Weak Objective 

The objective is one of the first original pieces of writing the employer will read from your hand so make it interesting. Instead of stating the obvious, write something that will make employers want to continue reading the rest of your resume. Explain not only how you can grow from this position, but also how much you can contribute as well.

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Recruiting Top Internship Talent

Internship programs are meant to be a mutually beneficial experience for both the employer and intern. However, when your intern is simply present to get college credits or a paycheck, the lack of interest will speak volumes. You want an intern who appreciates the generosity your organization is offering. Don’t settle for less. Do your part to attract ambitious talent. Here are a few ways for you to recruit top internship talent.

Direct the Talent to You

Instead of just using job posting websites as your only source of recruitment, try to attract young hopefuls who are already in your circles. Use blogging outlets and social media to steer eager aspirants your way. Those who are simply looking for the next internship to fill a time slot won’t get the memo. Post events that your company plans to attend to bring out interested potential interns as well.

A group of candidates waiting to be interviewed

Advertise Non-Work Activities 

Students who have a genuine interest in your organization will want the optimum internship experience. Show them that they can have just that by marketing activities beyond the job site. Plan activities that will allow the interns to learn from the executives, bond with their fellow interns, and network all at the same time. Get creative with your approach to create more buzz with events like a murder mystery dinner or other games to help increase teamwork skills.

Post Early 

Posting your internship opportunity early allows you the time to scoop up the best talent before anyone else can. Oftentimes companies will post their internships right before the summer. Start ahead of the game to increase your recruitment window and give you plenty of time weed out the bad seeds so that you can focus on the diamonds in the rough.

Traditional Route

The internet allows people everywhere to connect virtually anywhere. Although the world wide web is a great resource to use, it can never replace organic meetings in a face to face setting. When you send your company to internship/job fairs and college campuses, the live contact will be a much better judge of character. With the right guidance, anyone can type something out on a screen to make themselves sound as though they have a wonderful personality and are bursting with energy. Get a firsthand view of your potential interns to see how well they can uphold an interesting resume.

Reach Out to Professors

Utilize professors who teach courses related to the field of your company. They are the best direct connection to the inside scoop of the best pool of students to be your next intern. Professors know their students better than most and can steer them in the right direction for success in the career of choice.

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Employers: 20 Reasons to Hire an Intern

When it comes down to the bottom line, is hiring an intern really worth it?  There are many benefits that come along with hiring interns to your organization.  If you are debating on hiring an intern, the following information will make your decision a lot easier.

1) Higher Retention Rate

It has been proven that permanent employees who start off as interns have a higher retention rate than other employees.

2) Productivity

When you have interns available, you can allow your employees to work on projects that require more experience and skill.  The interns can gain knowledge on a lower level while your employees blossom.

3) Give Back to the Community

When your organization takes the time to help a youth hone the necessary skills to succeed in the industry, you are giving back to the community in a big way. Taking on interns puts your company in a good light.

4) Evaluate Before You Commit

A new hire packet is very serious business. So why not decrease the chances of the new hire jumping ship? Test out the talent with an internship program to see what the prospective employee has to offer. View how well the intern weaves into the company culture.

Recruitment. Searching The Profile. Human recruitment and resource

5) Fresh Perspective

Having a new mind with a fresh pair of eyes in the workplace can enhance the work environment as a whole. New perspective can lead to better ideas, more efficient workflow, and new skills.

6) Alumni Gift

If you want to help contribute to your alma mater, an internship program may be the perfect way.

7)  Help Students

An internship may be just the tool that catapults the career of a young hopeful. The added experience on the resume of a fresh graduate can help land jobs easier.

8) Social Media Savvy

Young adults are far more knowledgeable about the ins and outs of social media. Take advantage by setting your intern into the social media aspect of marketing.

9) Amiable 

Most interns are just happy to be in the field of choice so they are typically more friendly.

10) Leg Work

Allow your interns to do some (but not too much – they still need to learn!) busy work around the company to knock out some leg work with ease. Just try to keep busy work to no more than 20% of the intern’s time.

11) Save Recruitment Costs

When you do your hiring through an internship program, you save on your recruitment sector.

12) Challenge Your Employees

Interns are eager to impress. Their work can create healthy rivalry for permanent employees to improve.

13) Word of Mouth 

Having a good internship in place will cause interns to talk about your company in a positive light.

14) Business Network

Interns have an amazing opportunity to build a business network that would otherwise be unavailable.

15) Jump on the Bandwagon

More employers are seeking employees who have internship experience. Help students obtain that experience with an internship program.

16) Diversity

Colleges are a wonderful resource for finding interns who speak other languages in addition to English. Your company may be able to benefit from this level of diversity.

17) Improve Management 

If you have some new management in need of more training, placing interns in their care will get them the experience that they need.

18) The Wave of the Future

Your internship can help to mold the next big mind of the industry of tomorrow.

19) It’s Easy to Find Good Talent

It’s not hard to find a good intern. There are numerous resources for employers to locate good talent.

20) The Latest Knowledge

Although they have minimal on the job training, classroom knowledge of the latest trends can come in handy.

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