When’s the best time to pursue an internship?

The start of college is a major turning point in anyone’s life. For students fresh out of high school, it is a completely different world filled with opportunity and aspirations. If you are wondering when is the best time to pursue an internship as a freshman, you are ahead of the curve.

Thinking ahead to reach your goals is always a way to take charge and keep a good head on your shoulders. No matter how you decide to prioritize your promising career, the important thing to remember is that your goals can be achieved at any stage of your four years of college. Every stage of your college career will have its pros and cons as to when an internship will be ideal.  Here are a few tips on how to judge when it is the best time to pursue an internship.

Years of College 

During your freshman year of college, you will be getting acclimated into your new way of life. Learning how to manage your classes, study time, and other obligations may seem tough at first. However, if you have mastered the art of time management, now may be a good time to pursue an internship. Likewise, pursuing an internship in the summer after your freshman year can be very rewarding. Starting early can help you to secure the perfect opportunity for your future career and help you understand if you are on the right career path.

Obtaining hands on experience, setting up a business network, and having a shining reference to put on your resume in your freshman year are all wonderful checks to add to your list of career accomplishments. Pursuing an internship as early as your freshman year should be well thought out and planned to prevent any mishaps later down the line.

Also, keep in mind you can pursue more than one internship if you start early. You don’t only have to choose only one year!

College Freshamn

On the other hand, pursuing an internship closer to your senior year can have its benefits. After almost four years of college, you should have a great deal of coursework under your belt. As a senior, you will have more practical knowledge to apply to your internship than if you’ve only begun your core classes. The only downside of waiting to pursue an internship in your senior year may be landing the internship itself. You will only have a limited time to locate an opening that will help to mold your career before graduation.

Don’t worry if you don’t secure an internship before graduation. You can always try to locate an internship soon after you graduate to help you get your foot in the door.

Times of the Year

The best time of year to work an internship is completely up to you. Some employers hire interns all year round while others cater to the summer break. Although there will be no coursework to worry about during the summer break, proper planning can make an internship possible at any time. The key is to do what works best with your schedule.

Don’t let the time of year discourage you from pursuing an internship. If the chance presents itself, make the necessary adjustments to accommodate the internship.  Be sure that your obligations are under control during the time you will be working for the host company. If a certain time of the year prevents you from giving your all to the internship, don’t do it. Wait until you are more than capable to deliver your best work and undivided attention to this favorable occasion.

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Best places to find internships in Rhode Island

Locating the right internship in Rhode Island can be a tedious task especially when you have no idea where to begin. Are you to rely solely on word of mouth or visit various companies as a “walk in”?  Don’t get discouraged by making things harder than they have to be. There are numerous ways you can use your resources to help you land the internship that you long for. Here are some great places to find internships in Rhode Island.

Job Boards

There are many job boards online that can help you locate an internship. Although there are many websites that allow you to search for internships, www.bridge.jobs provides internships located solely in Rhode Island. All you have to do is create a profile to start searching for the perfect internship. Bridge.jobs is completely free to use and gives you an inside look at what internships are available in your area without ever leaving the comfort of your dorm room!

Other online job boards are available, such www.internships.com/student to help you find opportunities outside of Rhode Island.

LibraryCollege Career Centers

Many college campuses have a college career center at the students’ disposal. It is always best to use your campus resources to the fullest. There is lots information about work study, jobs, and internship opportunities available in one convenient place on campus. Your school is also likely to have a job board for students. In addition to internship postings, there may be assistance with career counseling, resume writing, and interview preparation. It is a good idea to utilize all the help you can get so that if you are offered an internship interview, you will be prepared with the necessary tools to succeed. While you are in the career center, ask when the next career fair or expo may be coming to your campus as another outlet to locate an internship,

Personal Connections

Professors, family friends, and other students can possibly guide you in the right direction to find internships. Don’t be afraid to ask those you know if they have any information about a possible internship in your field. If you have done community service or volunteer work in the past, revisit these places to see if there are any connections you can use to locate an internship. When you pool your network together, you may be surprised at what may turn up. The key is to get creative and step outside of the box to make your career dreams come true.

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4 Ways to get more out of your internship

Now that you have been chosen to be an intern for a company, it’s time to think about how to make the most out of the internship. Just showing up won’t be enough to maximize this amazing opportunity. You will have to break out of your shell and take the industry by storm. You will benefit more from an internship that you become proactive about than just letting things run their course. Here are four ways to get more out of your internship and leave with an unforgettable learning experience.

Set Goals

Embarking on an internship is a new phase in which you will need to have structure. Even if the company provides an internship program outline, you are the only one who can determine what will be taken from the experience. Set realistic goals you want to achieve for the duration of the internship. Whether you want to settle on what you will specialize in or leave with a positive reference, set your own goals you want to accomplish to make the internship worth your while.

Intern Conference Room

Have A Positive Attitude

As an intern, it’s no surprise that you may not be doing glamorous work. Even when you are given work that seems boring or tedious, do it with excitement. Ask for more work if time permits. Stay extra hours to show everyone that you are willing to pay your dues. A good attitude can lead you to bigger things like better projects or to sit in on meetings. Being pleasant and respectful can even get you the vital business connections that you will need when your internship is over. Negativity will keep you in the same lowly position and can possibly get you dismissed from the internship.

Utilize Your Mentor/Supervisor

Don’t let the opportunity to establish a good relationship with your appointed superior go to waste. Ask questions, engage in business related conversation, and pick the brain of your mentor to help you get a better understanding of the industry. Learning about your career in class doesn’t compare to having an experienced member of the field break down the real life aspects of the job. Speak up when you have questions or concerns about any of the work appointed. Your mentor is in place to nurture you into this new role so don’t be afraid to utilize this vital resource. Take notes so that you can have a point of reference for later and so that you won’t have to ask the same questions twice.


Take advantage of the chance to get know people at the company. Broaden your horizons and be open minded when you are establishing these business relationships. Although they will be different from what you may be used to on campus, networking with these individuals can be beneficial to you. Expose yourself to these professionals without becoming overbearing. Be genuine with everyone you meet. Remember to keep an open mind and learn from everyone you come in contact with during your internship.

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Writing your best internship profile

Internship PostingThe objective of an internship posting is to entice the right intern to apply for the position at your company. A lackluster internship profile can greatly decrease your chances of finding the right intern for the job. Writing a description for your company’s internship program should not be taken lightly or done in a rush. Simply listing duties and hours doesn’t give a potential intern all of the necessary information about the company, position, or what the future may hold. Attract top notch interns with the right profile. The more direct information that you can provide about the program and your organization can help to identify who should and shouldn’t apply for the position.

Here are a few tips on how to write the best internship profile for your company.

Company Breakdown

Let your readers know a little background information about the company in the profile. Provide things like the mission statement and goals of the organization. You can even tell prospective candidates about the company culture and what each day in the life is like to allow your readers to determine if this company will be a good fit for their personality. Leaving out this crucial information may lead to someone rejecting the opportunity to work with the company later in the hiring process. Don’t waste time on candidates who don’t see a short or long term future with your company.


Give a quick outline of the work that will be required of the future intern. You can even give an example of a project the intern may be given during the internship. Give as much clarity about the position as possible in a few sentences. Try to list more than the typical busy work expected of interns. Include what the objective learning outcomes of the internship program are and what the future intern is to gain from this experience with your company.


Make a clear list of the necessary qualifications for the position. If there is a need for a specific major and education level, make it known so that you won’t have unqualified applicants filling up your resume pile. Include necessary skills with computers or other office tools that will be needed as well.

Program Duration

Indicate how long the internship will last in your profile. Will the internship last an entire semester or only a month?  Provide specific dates. How many hours will be required in a week? Let the prospects know what hours or days of the week will be required. If flexibility is an issue, be sure to add that into the posting. Some students have tight class schedules and other obligations to meet that make it impossible for them to have a flexible schedule.

How to Apply

Don’t forget to include contact information and/or how to apply for the internship in your posting. Although it may seem redundant, forgetting to add this crucial piece of information can leave possible interns in the dark. Provide your company’s contact information and who to reach for the internship program.

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