Employers: Best places to find interns in RI

Are you looking for interns in the Rhode Island area?  Don’t know where to begin?  There are many resources online that boast to be the best place to find interns in your area. However, getting tailored information about each applicant may not be available from these sources. First impressions are very important so why not get the most out of potential interns before you even meet?  Don’t settle for less in your search for the perfect intern. Choose only the most deserving aspirants to serve your company. Here are the best places to find interns in Rhode Island.  Internship Coordinator

Rhode Island’s Online Resource

Set up an account with www.bridge.jobs to take all of the speculation out of your internship search. Use http://www.bridge.jobs to help find locals who are eager to begin a new phase of their career right at your fingertips. It’s very simple and over 4,000 students are registered. Supply some details about the internship that your company is offering. Then, complete your profile with details about your company. Before you know it, you can be sifting through multiple qualified applications. Obtain personal information, skills, resumes, and professional profiles all in one secure outlet. Not only does this website help you to find local interns specifically in the Rhode Island area, it offers extensive information on how to structure internship programs, recruiting, and guidelines to follow when it comes to internships as a whole.  Navigating http://www.bridge.jobs is very easy as there is a FAQ page to assist you in creating your profile, posting your internship, and managing applicants.  If you need more information, reach out through email or by phone at the Contact Us page on the website.

Career Centers

If you prefer organic meetings, take a visit to various college career offices.  Typically, colleges will aid their students in landing internships through career/internship fairs, internship postings, and on campus recruiting.  These resources can provide your company the opportunity to interview on the spot and help narrow down your search quickly. In some cases, you can request the resumes of students and alumni for no fee at all. College career offices also often have their own internship management sites that allow you to post your opportunity for only their students to see.

Your Personal Network

If all else fails, do things the old fashioned way. Reach out to business associates, alumni, and friends to help locate motivated young people with an interest in the field of your company. Be sure to extend the invitation further than members of your own family. Give everyone a fair chance to broaden their horizons with your company.

Professional Profiles

In recent years, social media has taken over the internet scene. Although some of these sites may seem futile, there are some sites that can be used as an effective tool in networking.  Linkedin for example, is one site in particular that stands out above the rest in that it is solely geared toward professional networking.  With profiles that read like a resume, it won’t be a difficult task to depict who will be a good fit for your company. There are even profile pictures to give you a visual to go with the resume.

Locating the perfect intern for your company can be as easy as you make it.  Go in with an open mind to help you decipher who will make the best fit for your company based on skills, education, and most of all, drive.  Use the tools listed above to make it easier to find the perfect intern for your company.  or more information on how to find interns in the Rhode Island area, visit www.bridge.com.  You can also download the Employer Guide to Recruiting and Internship Services and Contacts at RI Colleges and Universities.

Students: Preparing for an internship interview

Having the opportunity to work as an intern is a very great honor that should be entered with the utmost respect and appreciation. To be chosen among a group of individuals with the same career paths and educational history makes you a diamond in the rough. Even if you don’t have the same credentials as someone else, your internship interview could be the ticket that sways the interviewer to choose you.  Here are some some tips to increase your chances of being chosen for that internship with good interview skills.

Be Natural

Prepare for your Internship InternvewIf you really have a passion for your career choice, it will exude through your very being.  Let the potential employer see you for who you really are.  Often times, it is very easy to see when someone is putting on airs or not completely being themselves.  Allow the interviewer to see that you are relaxed, comfortable, and genuine. If you are wearing a jacket, take it off and neatly lay it to the side. Any bags or briefcases can be set down next to you. Holding on to all your belongings in your lap can restrain you from self expression and makes you appear uncomfortable. Be conversational versus cut and dry. Being personable will allow the interviewer to remember who you are. However, be sure to maintain a level of constraint by being polite and respectful at all times throughout the interview.

Be Prepared

Do your homework about the company with whom you wish to be an intern. Learn things like when the company was founded, be familiar with the products and services offered, and their various locations (if multiple). Dig a little deeper to find out the company’s mission statement and values. You can typically find this information on the company website in the “About Us” section. Research social media to find out the buzz about the company. Learn what others have to say about the company and what sets them apart the rest of the competition. Don’t forget to research who is in charge of the whole operation and learn facts about that person. You will have more conversation to bring to the table in your interview when you are armed with as much knowledge as possible.


Ask a friend to help you prepare for your internship interview with a practice run.  Let your friend be the interviewer and go through a mock interview to help you learn how the interview will flow. Come up with questions you think the interviewer will ask you and be ready with the best possible answers. Allow your friend to give you feedback on how you can present yourself better in the interview. Practicing with a friend can help you reduce your interviewing anxiety in a low pressure environment (and yes, we realize you may feel silly doing this!). This can also help you to relax and you can even think of your friend during the real interview if you become nervous.

Ask Questions

At the end of most interviews, an interviewer may ask the interviewee if they have any questions. What kinds of projects will I be working on on a daily basis? What is the company culture like?  What is the overall goal for me to meet as far as production goes?  What is the next step in the interview process?  These are a few sample questions that can provide with a lot more information than just leaving the interview without asking anything.  Finding out the next step of the interview process can keep you in the know once an interview is over.

Feel prepared enough for that internship interview?  Visit www.bridge.jobs to start looking for an internship.

Students: 6 things interns should tell their employers

When you are going to be doing an internship, communication is a key component for success. Communicating with your employer throughout your entire internship can help to ensure that you and the company are benefiting from this great opportunity. The objective of an internship is for the company to open up a talent pipeline and teach vital career skills and the intern to learn as much as possible. Being open and honest can land you major points in personality which can lead to a long lasting business relationship long after your internship is over.

Here is a list of six things interns should communicate with their employers during their internship.

1. Appreciation

Be appreciative when you receive the position as an intern.  Tell your employer that you are grateful for this chance.  Not only should you tell your employer this, but you should show it as well.  Be on time, dress for success, and treat this internship as though it is a real job. Showing the company how you work as an intern may make them consider how you aim to work if offered the chance of employment, or at least a killer reference. Be careful not to be too repetitive with words on appreciation as this can easily be looked upon as “kissing up” or disingenuous. Speaking gratefulness in moderation is appropriate when it comes to an internship.Take Notes at Your Internship

2. Questions

In order to learn anything to its entirety, questions are a necessary tool. Don’t feel too shy or timid to ask questions at any time during your internship.  In order to have a successful internship you must gain the fundamentals of the career in which you are working towards. Holding back any question from your employer only limits you and makes your internship less of a success.  So break out of your shell and ask as many questions needed to fully understand a task or element of the job.  Pay attention when instructions are given and questions are answered to ensure that you don’t need to keep asking the same things over and over. Keep a notepad and pen handy so that you don’t miss a beat.

3. Flexibility

One of the best ways to broaden your horizons and increase your learning potential is to be flexible and step out of your comfort zone. When you have the ability to adapt to new tasks and different work environments, you open your mind to new opportunities to learn and grow in your career. Make sure your employer knows that you are a flexible person and show them through your actions whenever you are challenged.

4. Responsibility

Once you have your position figured out like clock work, seek more responsibility from your employer.  They will love the fact that you are catching on and are willing to take on more.

5. Feedback

During your internship, a great way to track progress and know where you stand is to ask for feedback. Have a chat with your superiors to find out what they think of your performance and learn how you can do better. This is the optimum way to succeed when you demonstrate that you can take constructive criticism and excel from it.

6. Your Learning Experience

Throughout your internship, share your thoughts with your employer about how much you are learning from the experience. Knowing that they are molding a new recruit in the industry will help them know they are doing what is needed to make the internship a success.

Now that you know how to communicate with your employer during an internship, it’s time to get in the game!  Visit www.bridge.jobs if you are in the Rhode Island area to find the best internship for you.

Internship Length: Getting the most out of your intern

When your company decides to implement an internship program, it is crucial to compile a plan for success. An internship is designed to be beneficial to both the intern and the company. Structuring your company’s program should center around the needs of the company and how much you can add to an intern’s career. The length of the internship is the main component that will need to be analyzed in order to sufficiently meet the needs of the company and the intern. Here are some tips on how to effectively get the most out of your intern with a tailored internship length.

Internship InterviewLegal

Before you begin designing your internship program, consult your legal team concerning the time frame acceptable according to state regulations. This can be a great guideline before you continue with the construction of the internship program, particularly if the internship is unpaid.

Company Stats

Based on the figures of your company, you will need to compile the necessary data to get started.  How many interns can the company support at one given time? What time of year is best to accommodate interns according to production stats?  If you can only afford a few interns, this will affect how long the duration of the program will be. Choose non peek times of year to integrate your interns and phase them out when peek times are nearing. You will most likely have more mentors available to show the interns the ropes during these less stressful times of year.

Needs of the company

What kind of work will be available for your interns?  Of course there are files that need to be organized and letters that need to be mailed.  However, you must ensure that your intern is gaining a meaningful learning experience through your organization.  How much meaningful work is available to implement into the program?  Break it down to daily tasks, projects big and small, and what the learning objective will be for each part of the program.  Don’t forget to determine the space in which the interns will be working.  What space will be allocated for the interns to work during the given time frame that you choose?

Hours Per Week

The duration of your internship program will greatly weigh on how many hours per week your interns will work for you.  It is important to keep in mind that these students may have an academic work load to maintain in the classroom, depending on the school they attend and the time of year.  A forty hour work week may be an overload during the academic year.  However, if the internship is over the summer break, a full work week may be an option. Needless to say, if you have full time interns, the program may be shorter.  If you have part time interns the program may need to be longer.


The entire objective of an internship is to provide the intern with an unprecedented learning experience that will not soon be forgotten.  Although an internship will benefit the company and may even be a recruiting pipeline, don’t forget to plan an internship duration that will best suit the learning needs of the intern.  Keep in mind that quality surpasses quantity when you plan the length of the internship program.

Are you ready to start planning the length of your company’s internship program?  To be matched with interns in the Rhode Island area, visit www.brigde.jobs.  This service is free that can help you locate the perfect interns for your organization.

Students: Your 30 second internship pitch

Landing a successful internship can be just the thing that you need in your collegiate career to help set you apart from your classmates.  But before you find your perfect internship in the field of your calling you first need to figure out your internship pitch. Here are some strategies to construct the perfect 30 second internship pitch.

Sell Yourself

The overarching thing you need to do in your perfect internship pitch is sell yourself. Who are you? Why should this employer let you intern there? What do you love about this particular provider’s product or service? You need to view this time like you’re in an elevator with someone and you have only the few short seconds between floors to sell them on who you are. So it’s got to be quick; but you shouldn’t glaze over the details and sell yourself short. Companies like people that can help solve problems. Show them quickly why you are a good fit. Your pitch should be urgent but realistic.

Student Internship

Sell Your Skills

You need to have a certain set of skills to thrive in the business community. Whatever your internship is, what are your skills that are going to make you successful? Do you have a knack for whatever your desired field is? Have you been relieving athlete stress for years as you strive to become a physical therapist? Were you the wonder kid DJ from your hometown who started working graveyard shifts on air over the weekends? Whatever it is – from computer skills to people skills – it’s got to be colorful and easy enough to digest so that your employer snaps you up without a second thought.

Sell Your Drive

What is your 5-10 year outlook for yourself? Where do you imagine the world will take you? How can that translate into something meaningful for the place you’re looking to intern? Do you imagine yourself coming back to this place to one day get regular work? If so that’s a great selling point and is one that’s worthy of sharing. Let the employer know what motivates you and how reliable you are.

Sell Your Passion

No one likes it more than when someone has real passion. If you are unable to sell your prospective employer on why you are the best one for the internship, then maybe you’re not. While not every internship will be a dream opportunity, there should be some reason that you are interested in pursuing the one you want. People want to be around others with passion and interest; they want to give opportunity to those who have and share that interest. It’s your job to show that off here.

If you want to set yourself apart from the crowd and you think you’ve got what it takes, then get going! All you have is this very moment; you might as well use it to find your perfect internship which can lead to your dream job.